Medium Application Ideas

Airbrush and Compressor: Airbrushes are the most common application method for stencils, although not absolutely necessary.

An airbrush and compressor set will open up a whole new world of creative possibilities if you don’t already have one and an entry level set-up can be purchased relatively inexpensively from many vendors.

A compressor with a 5ltr tank is a good choice for its small size. Set-ups with a tank are preferable as they produce a constant airflow for the attached brush.

Of course, you don’t have to use an airbrush with these stencils. Here are some other ideas for you to try:

Use Metal Leaf

Apply a negative stencil to your work surface and press down firmly. Apply gilders size inside the stencil and leave to become tacky. Lay the metal leaf on the size and press firmly into the stencil. Then, after about 15 minutes, remove the metal leaf and the stencil from the work, leaving behind the leaf. Finally, apply suitable sealer and finishing products to the piece.

Outlining for Pyrography

After the stencil is applied, carefully and lightly draw round the design in pencil, remove the stencil and use the outline for pyrography work.

Outlining for Piercing

Some of our designs can be used for piercing. Outline the stencil as above but pierce the wood with a suitable tool instead.


Use a sea sponge, bubble wrap, hessian, leather or other texture lightly covered in paint and lightly apply it over the stencil to create interesting texture effects.


Try using a toothbrush dipped in paint or dye and splatter the surface to produce random effects. Make sure your piece is well masked first though!


Use a fine pointed permanent ink pen and add hundreds of tiny dots creating light and shade with differing intensities of dots