Professional Black Gloss Lacquer

This professional grade Black Gloss Lacquer has been formulated to produce a deep black gloss finish in just two coats on most wooden surfaces.
Dry and handleable in 10 to 20 minutes under normal conditions, it is possible to produce glass-like finishes within hours of application. Drying time may vary depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

For a simple gloss finish, two coats will generally be enough over a properly sealed surface. Use our Microcrystalline Wax for a fingerprint resistant over coat.
For a glass-like finish, we recommend four coats and then polish with pastes and creams.
Apply two coats onto open grained woods like ash or woods with added texture and use our embellishing waxes over the top when dry to enhance the remaining grain or textured pattern.
Coverage: 1.25 – 1.75m2 per 400ml.

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Basic Application

  1. Sand your work down smooth to at least 400 grit and ensure surface is free from dust, grease and moisture;
  2. Prepare the surface well with a suitable sealer and ensure it has fully dried. We recommend our Pro Spray Sealer when using this product;
  3. Shake can with the cap on for at least two minutes before use. Protect lathe and surfaces;
  4. Avoid breathing spray – Use appropriate PPE and use in a well ventilated area;
  5. Apply light coats 200mm from the piece, giving time for the lacquer to dry between coats. Two coats is usually sufficient;
  6. Under normal conditions, this Professional Lacquer can be mechanically buffed in under 3 hours.
  7. For a glass-like finish, use abrasive pastes and creams according to manufacturers instructions.

Pro Finishing Tips

  • For a glass-like lacquer finish, do not expect a quick process. It takes time and patience!
  • A poorly sealed surface will require more lacquer to cover it. Ensure you seal your piece properly!
  • Apply with the lathe stationary. Is normal for lacquers to look a bit like orange peel. This will even out during further application.
  • For best results, cut the surface back after every 2 or coats to even out the orange peel look. Use 400 grit paper or a soft abrasive pad.
  • Each coat should lightly cover the entire surface. Too much, and the product will not lay evenly.
  • If you get a run through applying too much, allow it to dry completely, then sand that area back or cut it all off and start again before reapplying.
  • When cured, and for a glass-like finish, use abrasive pastes and creams such as an automotive paint restorer.
  • Be careful when using abrasives and pastes on lacquers – too much heat can cause them to melt and slide. Take your time.
  • Clear the nozzle by spraying the product upside down, then replacing the lid after use.
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct light, away from heat sources and protect from freezing.

Always read the product labels.
SAFETY FIRST! Always take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your workshop environment.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Guide. Click HERE.