Microcrystalline Wax

Microcrystalline Wax is an ideal protective finish for many different projects including wood, leather and metal. Fingerprint and water resistant, this wax is a hard wearing, overcoat to wax and other finishes for an extra level of protection. Food contact and toy safe when cured.
Although Microcrystalline Wax can be used as a lustrous finish on it’s own, we find it is best suited to a protective overcoat to other finishes. It can also be used as a coating for leather, metal and other media.

Our Microcrystalline Wax appears hard in the tin. We provide the wax in a very high wax to solvent ratio meaning you need very little of the product to overcoat your work. A popular choice.

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Basic Application

1: Sand piece immaculately down to at least 400 grit and apply your preferred finish.
2: Apply a little Microcrystalline Wax in a thin coat. Allow to dry.
3: Buff to a shine by hand, a buffing mop or for lathe items a paper towel.
4: Apply additional coats as required.

Pro Finishing Tips

  • Our recommended use for this product is as a protective overcoat to other finishes and media.
  • Expect this product to produce a lustre that can be built up to a gloss over several coats.
  • Use less than you think you need.
  • Best applied with the lathe stationary.
  • For a quicker shiny finish, consider using Hampshire Sheen Gloss Finishing Wax.
  • Buff to a shine with the lathe spinning with paper towel or by hand with a stationary lathe and cloth.
  • White flecks in open grain wood? Use a heat gun to melt them, then buff again. Use less next time.
  • Firmly replace the lid after use.
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct light, away from heat sources and protect from freezing.
  • If the product appears ‘dried out’, do not attempt to soften it – the process is potentially dangerous.
  • Stored correctly, the product will be good for use for 18 months + once opened.
  • All wax products will tarnish if left in contact with water or acids such as fruit or alcohol.

Always read the product labels.
SAFETY FIRST! Always take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your workshop environment.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Guide. Click HERE.