Citrus Burnishing Oil

Our Citrus Burnishing Oil leaves a silky smooth, fresh smelling food safe (BS EN 71-3:2019) finish on your turned pieces.
This oil can be easily applied and then burnished dry in a matter of minutes, and can be overcoated with waxes or lacquers if you wish. Use multiple coats for a water and oil resistant finish suitable for salad, fruit and snack bowls.

Easy to apply; Over 50% Tung Oil; Food Safe when dry; Fresh smell when dry, fading over time; Deeply penetrating and protecting; Will not chip, flake or peel; Naturally water and oil resistant when cured.
Supplied in a 500ml (17.6oz) cone top bottle.

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Basic Application

  1. Shake before use.
  2. We recommend sanding to at least 400, 600 or a higher grit.
  3. Apply the oil using a paper towel and allow to penetrate the wood for a minute or two;
  4. Remove excess oil from surface;
  5. With the lathe spinning safely fast, use a paper towel to burnish the oil dry;
  6. Recoat as required.
  7. May be overcoated with wax or lacquer when properly cured.
  8. Use within 12 months of purchase for best results.

Pro Finishing Tips

  • Avoid rushing your finishing, particularly with oils.
  • Clean the dust off the piece before applying, particularly open grained woods.
  • Apply with paper towel and the lathe stationary.
  • Once opened, leave the plasic spout out.
  • For the best finish, remove excess oil from the surface before burnishing dry to a finish.
  • Lightly de-nib the surface between coats before adding more oil; remove the excess before burnishing.
  • After a few coats, and allowed to harden for a few days, the citrus finish is water and oil resistant.
  • Can be used with the Intrinsic Colour Collection.
  • If using as an embellishment rather than a finish, apply the oil before any sealer.
  • Ensure the product is completely cured before applying any further finishes or putting into use.
  • Firmly replace the lid after use.
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct light, away from heat sources and protect from freezing. BS EN71-3:2019 is a UK standard. It may not be accepted outside the UK
  • Flammable. Lay saturated towels or cloths flat to cure before appropriate disposal. Do Not Pile Them Up.

Always read the product labels.
SAFETY FIRST! Always take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of your workshop environment.

Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Guide. Click HERE.